Careers at RelevantDB

Senior software developer

We are developing a new way to search data.

We're looking for developers who have knowledge of Postgres internals and experience writing extensions or modifications to Postgres itself. You must have sample code in C that we can look at. (If everything you've done is proprietary and unavailable, then we may have you write some code for us.)

Part of the job will involve mentoring us and getting us up to speed on this very large and complex codebase. We're search experts, but not yet Postgres experts. We'll be working with CustomScans, table access methods, index access methods, the storage manager, and other parts of the system.

The hiring process is in the form of a paid, short-term consulting gig that will lead to a full-time offer if we like you and you like us. We'll give you some tasks, you'll get them done, and then we'll talk. No need to quit your day job to do this gig; we'll work around your schedule.

Unlike Silicon Valley, we do not discriminate based on age. Experience matters. We hire old people. (And young people, too.)

Principals only; no recruiters. Email cvsubmit /at/ relevantdb /dot/ com.